The controller must wait for the Directive to load

I am currently writing a small set of AngularJS controls and I am facing a problem here. The control I am creating is a button (let's start simple).

The directive looks like this:

officeButton.directive('officeButton', function() {
    return {
        restrict: 'E',
        replace: false,
        scope: {
            isDefault: '@',
            isDisabled: '@',
            control: '=',
            label: '@'
        template: '<div class="button-wrapper" data-ng-click="onClick()">' +
                    '<a href="#" class="button normal-button">' +
                      '<span>{{label}}</span>' +
                    '</a>' +
        controller: ['$scope', function($scope) {
            // Controller code removed for clarity.

        link: function(scope, element, attributes, controller) { 
            // Link code removed for clarity.


I removed some code because it changes my question a lot and I don't think it is needed here.

Inside my controller

directive, I write an API and execute by executing the following code:

controller: ['$scope', function($scope) {
    // Allows an API on the directive.
    $scope.api = $scope.control || {};

    $scope.api.changeLabel = function(label) 
        $scope.label = label;


So, in my directive, I have an isolated area that I can pass a property to control

. Through this property, I will have access to the method changeLabel


My control can be rendered with the following directive on the HTML website:

<office-button control="buttonController"></office-button>


My app controller will look like this:

officeWebControlsApplication.controller('OfficeWebControlsController', ['$scope', function($scope) {
    $scope.buttonController = {};


I can execute my method changeLabel

right now by calling the following method in myscope



However, this does not work as it is currently changeLabel

undefined. The button must be fully rendered first.

Any idea on how to fix this problem?

Edit: Added plunger

I added a plunker to provide more information. When the method changeLabel

is called inside the event onClick

then everything works, but if I go outside it doesn't work anymore. This is because the $ scope.api.changeLabel is not defined at runtime (the button is not visible yet). So I basically have to wait in the app controller until the button is fully rendered.



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