How to load partial MVC view and keep Angular JS working

How do I load mvc partial views and keep Angular JS working. Angular JS works fine after rendering the layout, but if I load the partial views in the layout Angular JS no longer works in the partial ones. I think Angular doesn't compile ng directives after I insert HTML into DOM.


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Instead of entering your HTML manually. Go through angular.element.html or $ (). Html. Try one of the following: angular approved, parameters:

  • A routing engine like ngRoute or ui-router. The mechanism can include a template that is generated by the backend.
  • ngInclude . This way you can directly include HTML templates.
  • Write a custom directive that injects your HTML.

Since these are AngularJS friendly methods, angular will actually parse the HTML and bind any values ​​inside the newly loaded HTML.



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I think you might need to compile HTML string or DOM to template.

For more information, please refer to:

$ compile $ compile

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