Jackson: is it possible to replace the set of serializers with @JsonSerialize annotation (like ObjectMapper)?

Quick question: is it possible to override attribute @JsonSerialize

( using

) with ObjectMapper?

I have it built spring-security-oauth2

in and I want to customize OAuth2Exception

the JSON serialization way . The problem is that this class uses

@JsonSerialize(using = OAuth2ExceptionJackson2Serializer.class)


I tried to register my own serializer with:

SimpleModule module = new SimpleModule()
module.addSerializer(OAuth2Exception, new JsonSerializer<OAuth2Exception>() {
    void serialize(OAuth2Exception value, JsonGenerator jgen, SerializerProvider provider) throws IOException, JsonProcessingException {

ObjectMapper objectMapper = new ObjectMapper()


but that didn't work - the c serializer is @JsonSerialize

used instead of the custom one.

Is there any other way to replace the serializer set with @JsonSerialize


PS: the example code is written in groovy


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In such a case, Jackson has a mechanism called mixing annotations .

You can create a class that overrides the initial annotations.

public static abstract class OAuth2ExceptionMixIn {



Then register it in the mapper object:

objectMapper.addMixIn(OAuth2Exception.class, OAuth2ExceptionMixIn.class);


What is it. Jackson should now use yours MySerializer

instead of the initial one OAuth2ExceptionJackson2Serializer




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