Chrome developer tools keep breaking when no breakpoints are set

When you debug JavaScript code using the Chrome developer tools, the debugger pauses code where no breakpoints are set. I have no function Pause on exceptions

and definitely no breakpoints set (see attached image).

I asked a similar question before this was helpful but didn't solve the problem (I had it enabled earlier Pause on exceptions

). In the example below, I've replaced the scaled down version kendo.all.min.js

for the invalid version, which allows me to see where the script is executing, but I don't know why it pauses. This often happens with jquery.min.js


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I fixed the residual dots issue by clicking the "Restore Defaults and Restart" button located under the "Settings" section. (If needed) to find the button: In Developer Tools, click the top right three vertical dots and select F1 Settings; The "Restore Defaults and Restart" button is located in the lower right corner.

Also note that it does restore the defaults - you lose all previously saved breakpoints and any files you open in Developer Tools will be closed.

I got this solution: Chrome browser debug breakpoints don't do anything?



The F8 has two functionalities. 1. Skip the next breakpoint, 2.stop, wherever the browser runs your code. This works even if you don't have a breakpoint set. For example, F8 spam where you forgot to deactivate breakpoints can cause the browser to stop anywhere.

When you go to the debugger shortcuts, you can see that F8 has a Pause / Continue function . But unfortunately, it seems that you cannot separate them into two different keyboard shortcuts.

Since I know this feature, I have never encountered this "error" again.



In the developer console, under the Resources tab, disable pause on exceptions.



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