Func and Action C # reps used by companies?

I'm really wondering if Func and Action delegates are being used by developing companies. And do they use it for events? I know this is a strange question, but I have already asked my teacher and many other people, but no one could give me an answer.


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In C #, Action

and Func

are extremely useful tools for reducing code duplication and communication. And reducing duplication and making code reusable is important for any company.

It's a shame that many developers shy away from them because they don't understand them.

Adding Action and Func to your toolbox is a very important step in improving your C # code.

As a great use case: Linq

based on Action

and Func




Here's an example of the power of these constructs, which illustrates for me the emptiness of the "junior developers who may not understand" argument.

If you have a class Organisation

that contains a collection of objects Department

, and if a class Department

contains a collection of objects Employee

, how do you get a complete set of employees for the organization

You can loop through objects and create a collection:

var allEmployees = new List<Employee>();
foreach (var department in organisation.Departments)
    foreach (var employee in department.Employees)


or you can just use the single operator

var allEmployees = organisation.Departments.SelectMany(d => d.Employees).ToArray();


This code is a term and less susceptible to human error than a manual loop, and immutability of the resulting array is less error prone than a modified list. To get these benefits, you need to be comfortable using lambda to represent constructs Func

and Action




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