Accessing the __all__ list of the parent module of the class instance

I have an instance of a class SomeClass

that is defined in a module m

. For the behavior, SomeClass

I need to access the following list:



How can I access this list from an instance SomeClass


Instances SomeClass

have the following built-in interface:



However, this is just a string. How can I access the module itself and its attributes?


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The module sys

contains a dictionary modules

that maps the names of the loaded modules to the modules themselves. Together with SomeClass.__module__

you can use this to access the module from which it SomeClass

was imported.

For example, with a module

like this:


__all__ = [

A_CONSTANT = "foo"

class SomeClass: pass


... the following works:

>>> from m import SomeClass
>>> SomeClass.__module__
>>> import sys
>>> sys.modules[SomeClass.__module__]
<module 'm' from '/path/to/'>
>>> sys.modules[SomeClass.__module__].__all__
['SomeClass', 'A_CONSTANT']
>>> sys.modules[SomeClass.__module__].A_CONSTANT




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