Can I make git create two files to merge (mine & theirs) instead of one

If I run into a more complex conflict during a reinstall or other merge situation, I would create "mine" and "mine" files and make a visual diff from my IDE. Then I'll start manually fixing the differences until the files are "equal" and I would copy the changes to the conflicting file and git add

, instead of reading and deleting the sections <<<<< HEAD >>>>>>>

and <<<<< current commit >>>>>


Is there a way to automate the "mine" and "theirs" part? I just want two files with two distinguished names in the same directory, instead of checking them out myself based on commit versions.


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To answer the question asked you want git checkout-index --stage=

. Stage 1 is the merge base, the version where the two stories diverged. Stage 2 is yours, stage 3 belongs to them. You can git checkout-index --stage=all myfile

, and it will print the names he invented for each, for example.

$ git checkout-index --stage=all file.txt
.merge_file_a01172 .merge_file_b01172 .merge_file_c01172        file.txt


Having an original for comparison may be good.




git mergetool


does exactly what you want. All you have to do is set up the merge tool you want to use (see man git-mergetool

for details).

It has built-in support kdiff3

, vimdiff

(in three different modes) and other useful tools, and you can extend this to use your IDE as a merge tool.



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