Is the Ad Hoc app download time (launch time) much longer than the App Store app on iPad?

My iPad is on iOS v8.2, Xcode is on version 6.3 (6D570), SDK 8.3.

One of my apps is available in the App Store. I recently discovered that for the same build of this app, if I signed it myself with a special certificate, its first load time is significantly longer than the one downloaded from the app store.

loading time , I mean the time after clicking on the app icon, it is dimmed until I see the startup screen.

In the app store version, when I click the app icon, I can immediately see the launch screen. The delay is no more than 1 s.

However, for the ad hoc version, after clicking the icon, I need to wait 3 to 4 seconds until I see the startup screen.

And even I create an empty project in either Objective-C or Swift, I don't change any code, if I signed it with ad hoc certificate and installed it on my iPad, it takes a few seconds to start.

Did I do something wrong? How to improve application loading performance?

Thank you in advance for your advice.



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I believe this issue is caused by a large number of provisioning profiles installed on the device. When I removed all my setup profiles from my devices, the problem was resolved.

Please refer to this question and the accepted answer Enterprise (at home) Swift app launches on launch on iOS9



This is due to two reasons:

  • You are debugging the application. This means that the application sends every method call to your computer so you can see what's going on.

  • You run your application in a Debug configuration that does not use optimizations (-O0 vs -Ofast).



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