$ .Variable in jquery, some confusion in a certain way

I found some codes to check if the jquery plugin is correct. but I don't understand some of the differences between variable and function: code:

$.validator = function(options,form){


but the validator is not a plugin, because the jQuery plugin must define $ .fn.validator. but it is also not a variable because $. in front of him.

Anyone who can explain this for me ???


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They just add the function as a property to the function $

( jQuery

). Just like jQuery itself adds $.extend

and $.each

and to it $.ajax

, this validator plugin adds to it $.validator

. It is still a plugin (sort of), it just doesn't define a method that you can call on jQuery instances. You can only call one global version.

Given what the function does, it is expected to be called via new

, for example:

var v = new $.validator();


It really needs to have capital V

and it really needs to defend itself against a direct challenge, since what it is doing internally is really wrong if called directly.



A function is a piece of data.

A variable is something that you can store in a chunk of data.

A property on an object is something else that you can store in a chunk of data.


- variable. This value is a jQuery function.


is a property of the jQuery function. The code you have is assigning a function to it.


will be a property of the object stored in a property fn

of the jQuery object. It can also have a value stored in it, but not in your code.

Function properties fn

can be bound to a jQuery object. those. with your existing code, you can call $.validator()

, but if you have $.fn.validator

, you can call $("div").validator()




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