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I am working on a web application that has full text search functionality working without issue. I would like to improve on this and add a prediction / correction function to it, which means that if the user makes a typo or something that has 0 results, a corrected version of that input will be requested and the results will be returned. Basically something like a google function did you mean: x


Is there an easy way in Laravel to do this, or something useful for testing? I have been looking for this problem for a long time, but did not find anything suitable.

I am using Laravel 4.2 with a MySQL database if that matters.


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In a case like this, I used elastic search for

You meant...?

Elastic search does a lot more than that, as it will sort the relevant results for many different cases and many more. You can use Elasticquent for Laravel, which implements elasticsearch to eloquent.



There is nothing inside. I would look at the spell check integration first - there are several packages available in the package, although I don't know how well they do

At the second level, I am assuming that you can store searches in the DB and then do "People who searched for x also searched for y"



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