Copy file to user folder using command line

I have a high and low internet search but cannot find a copy of the file on my desktop using the command line.

Xcopy File.exe c:/users/%username%/desktop


This gives me an error like

Access denied


I am looking at robocopy too, no luck. Is there another program I can use?

Ps. I have also tested

takeown /f <foldername> /r /d y



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We use backslashes for paths. The forward slash is the switch and the backslash is the path separator.

Use %userprofile%\desktop

. If quoted, the path will contain spaces.

copy c:\windows\win.ini "%userprofile%\desktop\*.*"



&    seperates commands on a line.

&&    executes this command only if previous command errorlevel is 0.

||    (not used above) executes this command only if previous command errorlevel is NOT 0

>    output to a file

>>    append output to a file

<    input from a file

|    output of one command into the input of another command

^    escapes any of the above, including itself, if needed to be passed to a program

"    parameters with spaces must be enclosed in quotes

+ used with copy to concatinate files. E.G. copy file1+file2 newfile

, used with copy to indicate missing parameters. This updates the files modified date. E.G. copy /b file1,,

%variablename% a inbuilt or user set environmental variable

!variablename! a user set environmental variable expanded at execution time, turned with SelLocal EnableDelayedExpansion command

%<number> (%1) the nth command line parameter passed to a batch file. %0 is the batchfile name.

%* (%*) the entire command line.

%<a letter> or %%<a letter> (%A or %%A) the variable in a for loop. Single % sign at command prompt and double % sign in a batch file.

\\ (\\servername\sharename\folder\file.ext) access files and folders via UNC naming.

: (win.ini:streamname) accesses an alternative steam. Also separates drive from rest of path.

. (win.ini) the LAST dot in a file path seperates the name from extension

. (dir .\*.txt) the current directory

.. (cd ..) the parent directory

\\?\ (\\?\c:\windows\win.ini) When a file path is prefixed with \\?\ filename checks are turned off. 

< > : " / \ | Reserved characters. May not be used in filenames.

Reserved names. These refer to devices eg, 

copy filename con 

which copies a file to the console window.


COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, 

LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, and LPT9

Maximum path length              260 characters
Maximum path length (\\?\)      32,767 characters (approx - some rare characters use 2 characters of storage)
Maximum filename length        255 characters





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