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I am currently building an application with Laravel and Redis. Almost everything works fine. I extended authentication as described in the documentation, users can subscribe, log in, log out ... I can create content and everything will be stored in Redis. But I have one problem. I cannot run commands like " php artisan route: list ", I have an error message: " [InvalidArgumentException] Database [redis] is not configured. "

The question is, is there anything special to make Artisan commands work when you install Redis as your database? (the basic configurations described in the documentation have been done and almost everything else works fine).

Config: In config / database.php I have:

return [... 'default' => 'redis', ... 'redis' => [

    'cluster' => false,
    //'connection' => 'default',
    'default' => [
        'host'     => '',
        'port'     => 6379,
        'database' => 7,




PS: You have the same error when trying to access your password / password / email (password reset).

InvalidArgumentException at line DatabaseManager.php 246: Database [redis] is not configured.


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As Robert says in the comments, it looks like there is this bug because there is no support for Redis as a database for laravel.



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