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I am editing my markdown in some kind of online editor Then copying the content to jekyll _posts. However, jekyll does in the browser differently what I see in the above editor / github file preview. The main problem I am facing is bullet items. I cannot display markers with the "*" or "-" syntax syntax. To display it with jekyll I need to use the tag

in the markdown file. I have been working for long hours and have used below config in _config.yml file to get the best result.

markdown: kramdown
input: GFM

But still this is not what I expect. Below are screenshots

Online editor and github preview is the same as shown in the following url -

But Jekyll does the following:

With the specified change in the _config.yml file. It's better, but still it doesn't display bullet points correctly -

Some of the stackoverflow posts say this is an issue with Jekyll's default rendering engine. Could you please suggest me what changes I need to make to get the same output as the github preview as stated in the following url? -


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The Kramdown GFM parser only supports some of the Github Flavored Markdown options ( see documentation )

In Jekyll, you need two new lines

before your list:

The list

- item 1
- item 2




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