AirWatch Browser URL Scheme

My company uses AirWatch as its MDM and I need to develop an Android and iOS app that acts as a launch and opens a specific URL inside the AirWatch browser.

My problem is that I can't find any information about the URL schemes for the AirWatch browser, and I can't access any device or documentation on AirWatch yet (we're just testing the capabilities right now).

I saw on the AirWatch website that there is an SDK to integrate with all AirWatch MDM, but that is not what I want to do. The app just needs to open the AirWatch browser at the URL of your choice.


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AirWatch Browser URL Scheme:



Just enter the url as usual.


AirWatch Browser URL Scheme:awb://



I am posting the second answer because I found a better way to achieve what you want, but the first answer may help others achieve similar goals.

In the AirWatch console, navigate to Devices> Profiles> List View . Add a new profile for your platform, you need to create one for iOS and another one for Android.

In the payload, General

fill in the name and select the Smart Group (s) you want to assign to this profile.

In overhead Web Clips

or Bookmarks

fill in the shortcut (like the name of the icon on the device) and the url. You can add an image for the icon on the device. There are a few more options if you like.

Save & Publish

, and the icon will appear on devices targeting Smart Group (s).



The accepted answer

In the AirWatch Console, as an administrator, you can configure Profiles

for your devices. Thanks to this, you can disable Safari

for iOS devices eg. I'm not sure if this is possible on other OSs as it is constructor specific. Thus, the AirWatch browser will be the only one available to the user and thus the default. Now the link can only be opened in it.

Original Answer

When setting up your AirWatch browser, you have several settings available, one of which is - Bookmarks

Extract from AirWatch Online Help:

Select the Bookmarks tab . Provide the following identification information and click the list of bookemarks for AirWatch Browser:

URLs for Predefined Bookmarks . Customize bookmarks to display as a URL or with a friendly name.
Name . Enter text in this field to display it as a friendly name. Leave this field blank to display the URL as the name of the bookmark.
URL . Provide the URL of the bookmark.
Add . Select to add more bookmarks.



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