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I wanted to enable full text search in plone 4.2 (windows). I ended up installing the Products.OpenXml and ftw.tika addon using buildout and adding my packages correctly in the eggs and also in the zcml category, after which they both show up in the portal_transforms tools. i have included this in buildout.cfg and run it.

eggs = 
zcml = 


But indexing still doesn't include anything but the title in the search box, even after using clear and rebuild from the plone catalog tool. Please help me enable this correctly and I'm a newbie, so please explain in detail if possible.

Or is there another better way (perhaps faster, for multiple formats, or simply better) to enable full text search for external formats (doc, pdf, ..) in version 4.2.


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I've never installed ftw.tika

on Windows, but if you manage to get the service set up and it works, it should work.

To use ftw.tika

, you need to install the package ftw.tika

on your Plone Site by following the instructions in the README . This means you need to install the egg and the required zcml config to point to your local tika app.

zcml =
    <configure xmlns:tika="http://namespaces.plone.org/tika">
        <tika:config path="${tika-app-download:destination}/${tika-app-download:filename}"
                     port="${tika:server-port}" />


Also make sure the latest version of JAVA is installed as it tries to run tika-app.jar


You can verify that the installation is correct by ftw.tika

looking at the portal_transforms tool. There should be a transformation tika_to_plain_text

( http: // plone / portal_transforms / tika_to_plain_text / manage_main ) that should look like this:

enter image description here

If not, use quickinstaller or portal_setup to install ftw.tika.

Also the server should work fine on windows, this is also Java. I think you cannot use the examples from the package instructions, as they are made for Unix machines.



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