Mac OSX: interacting with an application programmatically

I am working on a project where I need to call methods for an existing application (my own) and use some of its functionality. Ex. my ThunderBolt app is running on Mac OSX 10.10. It also provides a dictionary of events that can be output externally via Apple Script or in some other way that I don't know yet.

My question is, what are the different (and best) ways for a software application to interact with Mac OSX? If I use something like the following code in Apple Script Editor:

tell application "ThunderBolt"
    set open_file to (choose file with prompt "Choose the file you wish to parse")
    set theContents to read open_file as data
    set retPict to (image convert theContents)
end tell


then it will launch ThunderBolt with a splash screen and then invoke "image conversion". This can be done via NSAppleScript, but it will still launch the application and call methods / events on it.

Is it possible in some way to instantiate (or get a pointer to) one of the classes inside the application and use it? Something similar to COM or automation in Windows?


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If you're working on OS X 10.10, you might want to consider JavaScript for Automation (JXA) .

With it, you can apparently create methods in your application that can be called from client scripts written in JS (although I am not yet familiar with the details on how to deal with implementing such a thing on the application side). But many of the apps that come with OS X Yosemite have APIs that are built-in (like iTunes and Finder).

Here is a great JXA tutorial written by Alex Gaio:

The JXA-Cookbook repository also seems to be a good resource:

Here's a quick example - this script makes iTunes go back one track. Try it while iTunes is playing (by placing the text in a script editor, with the language option set to JavaScript, and clicking the Run button):

iTunes = Application('iTunes')
state = iTunes.playerState()
// Console msgs show up in the Messages tab of the bottom view:
console.log("playerState: " + state)


Alternatively, you can put the code in a .js file and run it on the command line:

$ osascript itunes-backTrack.js
playerState: playing




The way you tell the application to "tell application" is the best way in my opinion.

What are you doing with your application that needs to be called? Maybe some functionality can be done with Applescript? This would simplify a lot.



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