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Refactoring a Large Project (in terms of lines of code) I got introduced to ReSharper and the theme using var instead of a type that will only affect at compile time. Does this significantly affect compile time? I would like to define a code style for it in my company, but I'm not sure if I like the idea of ​​"overusing" the var keyword ...


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In my experience, any difference is negligible for non-observability. I cannot find any difference, even in large projects. Whatever difference var makes is statistically insignificant, and is lost in the rest of the compilation.



This has no effect, since var is resolved at compile time, since C # is a static language.

At compile time, the compiler replaces the actual type where var is in the code. So little impact on the compiler of compiling the code


var s = "hi";


is replaced by

string s = "hi";




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