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I am getting No Values found

when trying to customize a report / charts in DHIS2.

I was

  • Created by DataElements
  • Created category parameters
  • Added a category that includes category options
  • Created a Category Combination item and added the category created in Step 3 to it.
  • The DataElements have now been updated and assigned a combination of categories.
  • A DataSet is now created with these DataElements and assigned to 2.OUs.
  • Using the DataEntry module, the data is added successfully within the desired time period and is marked as completed


But when you try to create a report / chart for these DataElments or DataSets I get a message No Values found

. However, when trying to generate reports / graphs on the demo site, everything works fine.

Is there something that I am missing when I follow all the above steps.



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To use the stored values ​​of the filled datasets, you need to run Analytics


See the image below for reference.

First click Analytics and Data Mart

on the icon Start export

with the mark Analytics tables update


enter image description here

NOTE: Only an authorized user can perform this action System Administrator




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