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I am trying to compare strings by date. First, I store the data with the date string like this:

2/10/15 23:37 


to my PostgreSQL database.

I can see that my date was saved and now looks like this: 2015-02-10 23:37:00

and the locale is set to lc_collate = en_US.UTF-8


Now I am using the same file and I want to compare the date field to see if it is equal (and it should be!), But Ruby reads 2/10/15 23:37

like 0002-10-15 13:01:00 +0800


I tried to do this too:

Date.strptime(myDate, "%m/%d/%Y")


But the result was 0015-02-12


How can I get Ruby to read my input line the same way as my DB? I tried to install config.i18n.default_locale = 'en-US'

.rb in my application but it didn't help.


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Since you are supplying a two-digit year, it should be:

Date.strptime(myDate, "%m/%d/%y") # Note the lower case y


If timing is also important, you should use:

DateTime.strptime(myDate, "%m/%d/%y %H:%M")




You can do it:

starting_time = - 1.hour


This will result in what starting_time

in my example matches what you find in the DATETIME field of the database.



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