Can you print a string in R?

I am writing some data manipulation stuff and I wanted a summary of the execution status to print a part that updates over time on a single line on the console.

To do this I wanted to have something like this

print(Initiating data processing...)
for(sample in 1:length(data)){
   #Unprint the bottom line in the console ... !!! ... !!!.. ?


Keeping the screen clean and what not. I am not quite sure how to do this. I know there is an R progress progress bar , but for a utility I am looking for a little more control.



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I think the best thing to do is what the R-text progress bar does, which is " \r

to go back to the left" as seen in the help file. You should use cat

instead print

because it print

ends with a newline character.

cat("Initiating data processing...\n")
for(sample in 1:length(data)){
   cat(sample, length(data), sep="/")




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