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I am creating a simple ASP.NET 5 website using ASP.NET Identity 2 to protect the passwords of the actual admin pages. It will be used by 2 to 4 users.

My employer does not want me to use the database for various reasons beyond my control. The plan is to store all user information in a text file. When a user needs to be added / removed, the developer will log into the server and update the text file. Thus, users can only log in to the system, they cannot register, change their password, etc.

I would like to use an ASP.NET Identity anyway to use the Authorize attribute for my MVC controllers, etc. It also makes it easier to start using the database later.

I was unable to find an ASP.NET Identity Provider that uses an unencrypted text file. Does such a provider exist anywhere?


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I have not come across text file storage, but I have seen many examples using some other storage engines. Check out this post for samples and check out the documentation on implementing custom storage.

In your case, I would store all the custom objects in a list and then serialize that to a JSON string, which is stored in a file.

However, it is strongly recommended not to use plain text for storing passwords and use the provided hashing mechanisms. (I'm sure you know that). Just point your employer to for examples of why it is best not to store your password in clear text.



While I was trying to understand how Indentity works, I put together a sample solution in which I explore setting up a provider to use a simple store.

You can find the code on github .

In the Custom.Identity folder , you can see how I have implemented the different classes and managers.

Trailmax has written a lot about this on his blog. Taiseer Joudeh has one written to help you understand all the parts involved.



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