Is there a way to define or specify which BigQuery geo area the data is stored in?

Is there a way to determine which region ( like this ) BigQuery stores my data in? Moreover, is there a way to specify where my data is stored when submitting to BigQuery? If it matters, I use both the POST method for bulk loading data and streaming.

If the answer to both of them is no, where is the BQ data stored? Is it just in the US, somewhere else ... or is it spread all over the world?


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Note . Everything in this post should be considered as a guideline and not a guarantee. If in doubt, please refer to the BigQuery Service Term for more details on what's guaranteed in terms of data location.

By default BigQuery stores your data in us-central1

and us-central2

. If you want your BigQuery data to be close to your computations (like GCE), you must move your computations into one of these areas.

BigQuery location information is in the dataset. There are currently three possible values: US, EU, and undefined. If this is the USA, these are located in the United States ( us-central1

and us-central2

), the EU, the data is in the EU ( europe-west1

although more replicas can be stored elsewhere in the EU). If not specified, it is currently equivalent to US storage.

You can see this by performing an operation datasets.get()

that you can do with the command line client bq


bq --format=prettyjson show publicdata:samples | grep location


Note that the default location is blank, which means no location is specified.

The location must be set when creating the dataset; it is also only (for now) a whitelist of clients who can establish their dataset location.



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