How to query nested arrays in mongoose

I have a diagram like this

'use strict';

var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var Schema = mongoose.Schema;

var TeacherSchema = new Schema({
    education: [{degree: String, instituteName: String}],
    dob: Date,
    photoUrl: String,
    phoneNumber: String,
    institutes: [{type: mongoose.Schema.ObjectId, ref: 'Institute'}],
    subjects: [{
        name: String,
        topics: [{
            name: String,
            modules: [{
                name: String,
                classes: [{
                    name: String,
                    startTime: Date,
                    endTime: Date,
                    fee: Number
    created: {type: Date, default:}

module.exports = mongoose.model('Teacher', TeacherSchema);


My question is, how can I query in nested arrays? To be specific, let's say that I want to find all teachers who have at least one subject / topic / module / class whose name starts with "Math". How can I do this with a mongoose?


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See if this works ...



However, I am curious to know why an array of modules is needed when everything it contains is an array of classes?

Let's say you want to search with the wildcard "ath"

db.stack30173606.find({$or: [
] })


For case insensitivity, check this: How to make case insensitive queries on Mongodb?



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