Organizing a database using folders in phpMyAdmin

Now I have a database in phpMyAdmin and from the side of the screen, it shows the name of the database and a list of tables inside the database. It's ok if it's just a couple of tables, but when there are dozens of tables, it becomes difficult to find the tables I want to edit. I thought about creating another database to make it easier to organize, but then I would have to connect using the name of the other database and a different login for the database, and I just thought how much easier it would be if I could make folders or something similar inside the database, I already have to organize my tables. I'm wondering if something like this is possible, or if anyone knows of any work around this issue.


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Well, you cannot create a database (or folders) in a database; it's just not something MySQL can do.

phpMyAdmin has a grouping feature that might help your situation. By default, databases prefixed with then _

(single underscore) will be grouped together, just like tables with __

(two underscores).

Here's an example of how this is done with grouping:


enter image description here


enter image description here

If you can rename some of your tables, you can use the grouping function to make phpMyAdmin's display more manageable. Of course, this will not change the way the list of other instruments is displayed.

Configuration directives $cfg['NavigationTreeDbSeparator']

and $cfg['NavigationTreeTableSeparator']

controls the separator used. The related documentation starts at and includes the following few items.



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