Parse detection notification in Cordova app

I have a cordova project in Android and iOS.

I am trying to connect Parse to my project, I have seen several tutorials, but they all could not help me.

IOS: Originally in this tutorial when I add plugin automatically (cordova plugin adds ) to my project and tried to build, this will show me this error:
  "_kSecValueData" referenced by: - ​​[PFKeychainStore setObject: forKey:] in Parse (PFKeychainStore.o) ld: symbol not found for i386 clang architecture: error: linker command not worked with exit code 1 (use -v to invoke the call)


The following build commands failed: Ld build / emulator / / MyApp normal i386 (1 failure)

Or when I tried to add it manually, when I add Parse.framework to my project, show me the same error.

Android: I am using the following tutorial I edit the file and build the project, show me the error. Or when I try to use for Android and I add javascript code to my html it doesn't work.

I hope some can help, if I start over again, I will, I just want it to work.


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