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The web is flooded with similar questions, but for everyone I've seen, nothing seems to work to solve the problem.

In my QT-C ++ application, I have a mainwindow form with some functionality, there is a QPushButton that when clicked opens a QDialog. All of the functionality in forms works fine now, but I want the final application without any top title bar. those. Close / Collapse / Enlarge button.

In my main.cpp, I did -

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QApplication a(argc, argv);
    MainWindow w;
    w.setWindowFlags(Qt::Window | Qt::FramelessWindowHint);
    return a.exec();


as a result, the main turn became -

enter image description here

In the dialog.cpp window , I have set -

Dialog::Dialog(QWidget *parent) :
    ui(new Ui::Dialog)
    //QDialog Dialog(0, Qt::CustomizeWindowHint|Qt::WindowTitleHint);  --- used this also; no use

    QDialog Dialog(0, Qt::FramelessWindowHint | Qt::Dialog);


But the QDialog title bar remains, it looks like

enter image description here

Where am I wrong ??? any ideas on how to remove the close button and title bar ???


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Solved it with the help of a friend, posting an answer for help for someone who needs it ---

in mainwindow.cpp, when the Fetch button is clicked, the qdialog opens, I set the properties there;

void MainWindow::on_pushButton_2_clicked()
    Dialog dialog;


This did the trick -

enter image description here

and the dialogue -

enter image description here



I needed to do the same as this question for dialogs, but I needed a border in a dialog without a window. The solution was pretty simple. Just set the dialog flags in Qt :: CustomizeWindowHint:



You can also use this with specific flags to further customize the appearance of the window as stated in the documentation.



I was having trouble setting the Qt :: FramelessWindowHint flag, so I ended up overriding resizeEvent instead of setting this flag:

void  MyDialog::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent*)




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