Slicebox 3D compatible

I recently had to use Slicebox 3D animation to animate images on a website. While firefox and chrome render animations just fine, the author was planning to fade away with IE due to the fact that it would not support this animation. IE now supports them, but not correctly. If you open this website through IE, the animation will be damaged. Any idea that a workaround would work inside slicebox.js to force Fade In Out?

What I got now:

var isIE = /*@cc_on!@*/false || !!document.documentMode; // At least IE6

            if (isIE === false){
            $('#sb-slider').slicebox(options, isIE);


isIE variable is used in js file to format to false in case IE is detected.

What isn't working right now is that IE falls into fade, but renders the images a bit too much before resizing them to the correct size. Any ideas?


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