ITMS-90086 No 64-bit support

We have an application Xamarin

that we are trying to deploy to the Apple appstore, but when we try to submit the application to view, we get an exception ITMS-90086 Missing 64-bit support

. Here's a screenshot:

enter image description here

Here are the build options for my Xamarin project showing what is ARMv7 + ARM64

selected for the option Supported architectures


enter image description here

Notice in the screenshot that the config is set to Release

; I read in one of the Xamarin Appstore instructions that this should be set to Appstore

, but I don't have such a configuration in my project. (See screenshot below). Could this have anything to do with the error we are getting?

enter image description here

We can set Active configuration

in Appstore\Device

the menu Project

and did it. Thus, the configuration is Appstore

simply not available in the project build options.

enter image description here

We also use 4 statically linked libraries that we recompiled in Xcode after upgrading to iOS SDK 8.3

. Below is an example screenshot of the build settings for one of our statically linked libraries.

enter image description here

Here's a summary of the steps we followed to try and get our app:

  • Updated Xcode

    to latest version with installediOS 8.3 SDK

  • Updated to the latest version Xamarin Studio

  • Updated to the latest version Xamarin.iOS

  • Moving an application to Unified API

  • Compiled our static libraries in Xcode with iOS 8.3 SDK

  • Used btouch-native

    to import libraries into our project Xamarin

  • Changed Active configuration

    to "Appstore \ Device".
  • Configured the correct provisioning profile under iOS bundle signing

  • Selected ARMv7 + ARM64

    for build customization Supported architectures


We can compile this application with the architecture ARM64

specified in the build settings; we can create an archive; we can even check the archive in Xcode

and it gets checked. But when we make a presentation, we get this error.

Does anyone know why this error occurs and what we can do to try and resolve it?


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The problem is that your project file has no configuration AppStore


To solve:

  • Right click your project => Options.
  • Select Build / Configurations.
  • Select "Distribute / iPhone" and "Copy to:
    • Name: AppStore
    • Platform: iPhone
  • OK

You should now be able to select the AppStore configuration and configure the architecture correctly.



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