ANT + Example of one-channel encryption

I am working with the ANT + protocol in order to connect a smartphone using an ANT + USB dongle, which is connected to a PC where with SimulANT +. SimulANT + simulates a heart rate sensor that sends data to my phone.

So far I have used an unencrypted channel for communication, but there is also the option to make a secure connection between devices, as written in ANT Message Protocol and Usage . It was called Single Channel Encryption. Does anyone have any code examples on how to establish this type of connection?


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True, the ANT protocol can use one encrypted channel - however, this does not apply to ANT +. (See Differences Between ANT / ANT + here: )

If you are using encryption for your device, it is no longer ANT + compatible and therefore you are not allowed to use ANT + network key or frequency.

This is because ANT + aims to provide interoperability between different sensor / display manufacturers. If the channels were allowed to encrypt, it would defeat the ANT + target.

So if your goal is to use your device with SimulANT + (or any existing ANT + sensor) this won't work. In fact, SimulANT + doesn't even allow encrypted channels.



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