How do I control "Prevent App Nap" from being displayed in Get Info apps?

When I right click on my OSX app and select Get Info, the Prevent App Nap option is missing. How do I manage this in Xcode or programmatically? I certainly don't remember anything to remove it.

I couldn't find anything in Apple docs or search the web outside of users asking why the specific app didn't have "Disable App Nap" as an option. So how does the developer control this?

Or does it mean that Nap is already disabled?


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I'm not entirely sure, but it might have something to do with the underlying SDK used to build the app. I can build my app with base SDK 10.5, and for this version of the app, Get Info will show the Prevent App Nap checkbox. If I build the same app with base SDK 10.10, the "Deny App Nap" checkbox doesn't appear. This is just an observation, I haven't found a single Apple document that says this is actually their policy.

Ive noticed that some applications on my 10.10.3 system do not include the "Deny App Nap" checkbox and some do. I thought it might have to do with manually adding NSAppSleepDisabled to the application plan, but that doesn't seem to be the case. For example 38.0.5 shows the Prevent App Nap checkbox, as well as, but and don't.



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