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I cannot seem to be italicized (i.e. * underlined *) link. I've tried the following syntaxes:

[*emphasised* text](url)


According to the Doxygen manual:

a * or _ just starts an accent if

  • followed by an alphanumeric character and
  • it is preceded by a space, a newline character, or one of the following characters <{([,:;

The emphasis ends if

  • it is not followed by an alphanumeric character, but
  • it is not preceded by a space, newline character, or one of the following characters ({[<= + - \ @

By this definition, this should work: [*text*](url)

because the * is followed by an alphanumeric character and is preceded by a character [

. It must also end in the correct place, since ]

it is not an alphanumeric character and the letter preceding it is alphanumeric.

Unfortunately my HTML output instead preserves the * characters, leaving me with a link that looks like this: * link text *. Is this a bug or am I not doing it right?


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As Babelmark's tool demonstrates , all but one of your examples work great in most Markdown analyzes. This seems to be a bug in the Markdown parser you are using. You may consider informing the developers of this project about this.

Please note that one example you provided that doesn't work is the following:



This example should never work like a rule by stating the following (emphasis mine):

To create an inline link, use a set of regular brackets immediately after the link texts close the square bracket.

This means that there should be no spaces between parts of the link, although some implementations allow one space. Of course, no other characters should be allowed.

However, each element can contain other nested elements. For this reason, all of the following is true:

[*emphasised* text](url)


Perhaps the parser you are using has different behavior for the underscore ( _

) character . According to the rules , these characters should be interchangeable. However, as @ user880772 mentioned in the comment, you can try using this symbol rather than the asterisk ( *

) to see if you can get the desired output as a workaround until the bug is fixed. Like this:

[_emphasised_ text](url)




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