Accessing a custom instance variable from another object instance

I basically have this:

Obj1 Create event:

health_total = 50;
health_current = health_total;
health_text = instance_create(x,y-10,obj_health); // Object to show health of an instance object

health_text.origin = self; // Assign an 'origin' variable so I can access it later?


obj_health Draw Event:

show_debug_message(origin.x); // <-- This works just great!
show_debug_message(origin.health_current); // <-- This throws error :(


I am guessing the variable could be local, but then how can I make it public? GML is a bit new to me, but I'm not new to programming. It makes me feel pain.


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Use id

and not self


health_text.origin = id;




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