Cucumber JS and actually has something done

After learning how to study cucumber books that don't cover the JS implementation, I realized I was afraid of flames and decided to post my question here.

I have Cucumber-JS installed on my box, works great. I am using CoffeeScript because I am lazy. I have a folder with my features, my .feature is written. Got my step definition and realized Cucumber JS requires the "world" to be something useful. I also found that a few moments ago there might be some env.js tweak to get this tweak to find the rest of my application.

I am not building a web application as the basic logic needs to be developed first. Where my problem starts is how I should proceed now.

I have a folder named lib at the root of my project. Internally, this will be my JS application, which I will ultimately work through NodeJS.

What changes should I make to env.js,, and the mystep definition to test my code that I am developing in lib /



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In the end, I found out that these are not cucumbers. It has to do with NodeJS and the way it handles modules. I ended up with:



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