ASP.NET Local Resource Infrastructure Capabilities

I have an ASP.NET 5 application and I am currently implementing localization.

The resources are in the ASP.NET folder App_LocalResources

and everything is working correctly. At least while it is still under development. I have the following ResourceCultureFilterAttribute


using MyProject.App_LocalResources;

public class ResourceCultureFilterAttribute : ActionFilterAttribute
    public override void OnActionExecuting(ActionExecutingContext filterContext)
        string language = GetClientLanguageFromCookiesDoesntMatter();
        var culture = new CultureInfo(language);

        GlobalResources.Culture = culture;


And now I access it this way in the Razor view:



Now I'm worried about the Culture

property of the autogenerated resource class static

Does this mean that this property is set for a thread or for each application pool (please specify the correct one), but not for each user >?
If so, multiple users are just overriding and using the same value and will certainly cause localization issues.

I know how to fix this by replacing direct access:

    new CultureInfo(GetClientLanguageFromCookiesDoesntMatter()); 


But maybe there is a better solution - something important that I just don't see or don't know. Perhaps there is a special type property CurrentUserCulture

, a custom multi-user resource class, an attribute, or something else to provide simple and straightforward localization in an ASP.NET project.


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