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I am currently working on an external Bluetooth GPS (Garmin Glo) (MFi approved) for iPhone.

As soon as it connects. I tried to use EAAccessory platform to read NMEA data, I only get 15 bytes of incoming data, then no more stream data comes in.

I am wondering if iOS sent all the data to the CLLocationManager?

If an external GPS is connected, is the location data I receive via the CLLocationManager related to the internal GPS or external GPS?

I would be grateful if someone can explain the logic to me. Thank!


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Here is an interesting external product with GPS serial interface. I have no connection with this device or company, only in the interests of iOS and GPS development.

Aman Enterprises - NMEA-BT

  • It is an Apple MFI certified Bluetooth dongle that connects to NMEA GPS via serial port
  • No jailbreak required.
  • There is no iOS app for iOS required to use it as it enters data into iOS devices with the Core Location API.


Q: What applications can I use with the cable?

A: GPS cable provides data to iOS app using Core Location API. Since the Core Location API is the standard way a location-based iOS app obtains positioning data, the cable is expected to work in any location-based iOS app.

I'm curious to see how this works, as I have an experimental app that parses NMEA strings from an external Bluetooth accessory.

Is it possible that the iOS app is overriding the Core Location API to become the base location that provides all apps installed on the device?



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