Structured markup data for website name

According to Google , you have to add the markup data to include your site name in search results:

Search results website name

In their Microdata example, they append the website name to the page title


   <head itemscope itemtype="">
   <title itemprop='name'>Your WebSite Name</title>
   <link rel="canonical" href="" itemprop="url">


But obviously, the page titles don't match the website name!
What am I missing here?


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Microdata can be used on any HTML5 element (while some elements have special rules ), so you don't need to use the element title


If you want to keep the markup in head

, or if you don't have the site name as visible content on the master page, you can use the element meta


<head itemscope itemtype="">
  <title>Welcome to Foobar!</title>
  <meta itemprop="name" content="Foobar" />
  <link itemprop="url" href="" />


But if you have the site name as visible content, for example in the page header, you can use it:

<header itemscope itemtype="">
  <h1 itemprop="name"><a itemprop="url" href="">Foobar</a></h1>




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