Passivation beans must satisfy passivation dependencies

I have a problem with OmniFaces Viewscoped. Even when my Managedbean implements Serializable, I get the following error:

Passivation beans must satisfy passivation dependencies.

With some research, I found some answers to this problem, but with no success. I solved the serialization problem of my other class that I am embedding CDI.

Do my other classes really implement Serializable for Inject in my Managedbean?

Environment - WebSphere Application Server - Apache MyFaces 2.0.2 - OmniFaces 1.7 - PrimeFaces 5.0

My class:

public class AgrupamentoAcoRN{

public TbSiglaAcoAgrupadaDAO dao;

public void insereDados(TbSiglaAcoAgrupada tbSiglaAcoAgrupada) throws BancoDeDadosException{


My Bean:

public class AgrupamentoAcoMB implements Serializable{

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

private AgrupamentoAcoRN rn;



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All fields of the Serializable java class must be serializable, so every field in your viewScoped bean must be serializable as well.

Your problem has nothing to do with Omnifaces



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