Jquery if not working

I have this code .. the problem is that the CSS is not being applied in both divs but only in the first #main-wrapper

I have the same code, but this time on a button click and its working, but with the if statement only one works .. im not sure if the codes are wrong somewhere, please help ... I tried to install the script at the end body tag but still nothing

if (window.location.href.indexOf("#expand") > -1) {
  $( "#main-wrapper" ).animate({ 'width':'984px' }, 'slow');
  $( "#sidebar-wrapper" ).animate({ 'display':'none' }, 'slow');   



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You cannot animate 'display':'none'


You can animate the opacity:

$( "#sidebar-wrapper" ).animate({'opacity':0}, 'slow', function(){


or, as suggested by Me.Name in the comments:

$( "#sidebar-wrapper" ).fadeOut('slow');


or use slideUp


$( "#sidebar-wrapper" ).slideUp();




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