Change the second picklist based on the first picklist value in rails

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For the second selection box, select the options to select only those staff members

associated with the selection team


the form:

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Example example . The user selects a different team. The employee selects update options to only display those employees who are associated with that selected team.

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I know the solution is javascript related, but I am having trouble applying it in a rails environment. I know this question , but I still have problems applying it in my rails application.


def new
  @task_note =
  @teams = Team.all.includes(:staff_members)


<%= select_tag('team', options_from_collection_for_select(@teams, :id, :name ) ) %>

<div class="field">
  <%= f.label :staff_member_id %><br>
  # Currently displays all staff members on every team, no matter what team is selected.
  <%= f.collection_select :staff_member_id, StaffMember.all, :id, :first_name %>



  $("#team").on('change', function(){
      alert("The new team id is: " + $(this).val() ); 
      # The value (the id of the team) does update on selection option change.  
      # Now I need to specify that I want the select options for the staff members
      # select box to update and show only staff members with this team_id 




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First, you start a call ajax

to yours controller

. (Keep in mind that this one url

of the call ajax

must exist in your routes).

$(document).ready(function() {
  $("#team").on('change', function(){
      url: "populate_other_list",
      type: "GET",
      data: {team_id: $(this).val()},
      // Callbacks that will be explained


Then you will contribute action

to your controller


def populate_other_list
  team_id = params[:team_id]
  @staff = Staff.find_by team_id: team_id
  respond_to do |format|
    format.json { render json: @staff }


That said, when success

you callback your call, ajax

you get an object JSON

with your list. So you need to clear staff

, select and create options and add to it.

// Ajax call
success: function(data) {
  // Create options and append to the list
// Rest of Ajax call


As you can see, I did not put the code that created the parameters and put them in the list, but a simple search will have many results on this. The idea is simple though.



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