How do I dockerize my new VPS server?

I currently have a VPS server running CentOS with a DirectAdmin panel. I managed everything from the panel and easily create new hosting packages for my client. As a programmer, I demand a lot from my server, since it is run by a VPS, it takes so much time to communicate with my ISP.

So, I want to order an unmanaged Ubuntu VPS and want to get started with docker. All my clients have to migrate to the new server as well.

What is the best way to doxorize your VPS? I think I am going to use Webmin and Virtualmin, do you install them outside of docker containers? Or can I build a docker image from all over the old VPS?


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Below are the steps to secure your VPS:

  • install Docker Engine and Docker Client on CentOS server
  • use the "docker run" command to create an instance of Docker containers
  • install Webmin and Virtualmin on CentOS server (outside containers)
  • now manage these containers with Webmin and Virtualmin

Warning. Docker containers are really meant to run one application per container. Here you are trying to emulate virtual machines that run many applications using containers. But I think it can be done.

Disclaimer: I have not done this before, but I have worked with containers enough to anticipate that it can be done.

Cheers, Joe



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