How do I save the date picker to the calendar?

I have created code that reads dates from a database and puts them in a Calendar control. Everything works well, but if the user selects a date in the calendar, after population, the entire date selected with the code disappears. Is there another way to mark a date that was previously added from the database?

public void setFixturesControl()
        string query = "select * from date";
        SQLiteCommand input = new SQLiteCommand(query, Database.m_dbConnection);
        SQLiteDataReader reader = input.ExecuteReader();

        while (reader.Read()) 
            if (MainWindow.AppWindow.League.SelectedItem.ToString().Equals(reader["caption"].ToString()))


Is there a way to prevent dates from disappearing after user clicks? Or something that lets me know the dates added by the population of the database? Thank.


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After a lot of searching the net and a lot of documentation in the Calendar class, I could see two things:

  • To get what I want, I have to use a custom control
  • Try to work through the code by creating a delegate, but this is not exactly an easy thing

In the first case I ran, in particular, from the post of David Vinmena, he just solve my problem. The final result will be like this:

enter image description here

Exactly what I want.

Everything is documented in the post, so it would be pointless to make a copy here. Thanks to this member for at least getting me to fix the Microsoft control issue. Unfortunately, I am becoming more and more convinced that WPF is still immature, and it still takes a few years for that. I hope my answer helps if anyone can solve the problem more elegantly, responds well. Thank.



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