Embed Internet Explorer Browser in Winforms using C #

I'm trying to open an IP page using IE (why IE? Because not every Windows has Chrome or Firefox) and present it in a simple Winforms window.

The above web page is a BI (Business Intelligence) web page that will be dynamically refreshed and I want the user to sit and stare at it while the page refreshes with new statistics.

Stream of events:

  • The user enters a specific IP address and clicks "Get webpage".

  • A new Winform window will appear with a dedicated web page.

Also, it would be great if there is an option to hide the IE navigation bar, because I don't want to be able to view in that window.

I tried to do it with CefSharp, but I didn't get anywhere. Every example I've seen was written in asp.

Here's what I have done so far and it doesn't work:

namespace BingoDesktopWindow
    public partial class BingoWin : Form
        public BingoWin()

            CefSettings settings = new CefSettings();

            ChromiumWebBrowser browser = new ChromiumWebBrowser("http://12.345.67.89/bingo/Default.html");


Thank! }


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Why aren't you using Winforms WebBrowser control. WinForms WebBrowserControl . You can manipulate it more than IE. The web browser control itself comes from IE, so it has all its functionality.



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