Java Canvas - Rectangle2D Scales When Moving

I am drawing a series of rectangles on canvas. The rectangles should move at an angle. For some reason, when they move, they expand:

xPos += xSpeed;
yPos += ySpeed;
updateBounds(xPos, yPos, width, height);


My UpdateBounds method:

public void updateBounds(double x, double y, double w, double h) {
    bounds.setRect(x, y, w, h);


Bounds is a Rectangle2D object. And my drawing method:

g.fillRect((int) bounds.getX(), (int) bounds.getY(),
                (int) bounds.getMaxX(), (int) bounds.getMaxY());


Why am I getting this behavior?


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Graphics.fillRect () takes a width and height parameter, not the largest x and y position to draw the rectangle.

The third and fourth parameters fillRect

must be Rectangle2D getWidth () and GetHeight () .

As a reference, a link to what getMaxX () will receive .



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