Can I or how do I get it working with visual studio 2015 RC?

Can I get LiveReload or a similar program or extension to work with visual studio 2015 RC? Looking to create more web developers in real time. (I have a background background and is fairly new to the web world.)


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Yes, it is possible and works relatively well in VS2015.

In the IDE, to the right of the browser selection, there is a curly curve. Click on the dropdown menu and select "Enable Browser Link".

It will then reboot after the changes are saved.

The only quirk I have found is the way the reload occurs in real time, and if you look at the developer tools in a browser (like Chrome) you will see all XHR requests for that feature (the initiator is shown as BrowserLink). I haven't found a way to avoid this unfortunately.



You can use gulp and upload function.

Here's a very good article: here



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