How does automatic indexing / syncing of Azure SQL Database using Azure Search work?

According to the articles below


Azure Search automatically syncs / updates modified rows from the SQL table and updates them in the Azure Search index. But when I update the original table, it doesn't affect my Azure search index in any way.

Can anyone elaborate on what Auto Indexing / Synchronizing Azure SQL Database does with Azure Search?

Note. Strictly follow the instructions in this article.


POST api-key: <> Content-Type: application / json

{"name": "myazuresqldatasource", "type": "azuresql", "credentials": {"connectionString": "Server = tcp:, 1433; Database = dvdlist ; User ID = aaaabbbb; Password = aaaaabbbbb; Trusted_Connection = True; Encryption = False Connection timeout = 30; " }, "container": {"name": "dvdlist"}, "dataChangeDetectionPolicy": {"@ odata.type": "# Microsoft.Azure.Search.HighWaterMarkChangeDetectionPolicy", "highWaterMarkColumnName": "id"}, "dataDelectionDeletionDeletion ": {" @ odata.type ":" # Microsoft.Azure.Search.SoftDeleteColumnDeletionDetectionPolicy "," softDeleteColumnName ":"IsDeleted "," softDeleteMarkerValue ":" true "}}


POST api-key: <> Content-Type: application / json

{"name": "myazuresqlindexer", "dataSourceName": "myazuresqldatasource", "targetIndexName": "sqlazureindex"}


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Even with a change tracking policy, the index data will not be updated until the pointer is fired. You can either configure the indexer to automatically start on a schedule (last time I checked, most often you can do this every 5 minutes) or explicitly start the indexer using api. Although, if you need to update this information frequently, you should probably look into using the api to publish documents rather than relying on the indexer.



Basically in Azure Search, we need to create an index with specific columns, and we need to push data in a specific index on the Azure Search index using the scheduler time from time to time.

Automatically indexing / syncing Azure SQL Database using Azure Search is a method to make this process simple and manageable, where Azure sql manages the sync process.



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