Which interpreter should you use when reading SICP?

I am reading the SICP book available at http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/

To run the sample code that the interpreter should use?

I've reviewed the Dandelion Lisp plugin for Eclipse: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dandelion-ecl/

Scheme for windows is also discussed http://www.gnu.org/software/mit-scheme/

Which one should I use?

Reading this question, it seems I should be using Scheme ?: What are the actual differences between Scheme and Common Lisp? (Or any other two Lisp dialects)

If so, is http://www.gnu.org/software/mit-scheme/ enough?


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The MIT schema should work depending on your OS, but it's not a terribly great interface. Racket is a very popular interpreter for Lisp -y things, and there is a package for Racket that tries to implement the SICP scheme. It's not ideal, but this is what I have used in the past for SICP and you will have much less fighting with the interpreter than with the MIT schema.



In DrRacket IDE there SICP language compatibility . Using DrRacket helps you format your code, identify errors and has a debugger. It also supports the standard schema as well as its own dialect, racket, which is very similar but has many libraries like most modern languages.

To install (after installing DrRacket)

From terminal:

raco pkg install sicp


You get a lot of results and maybe some WARNINGS. Reboot DrRacket and replace #lang racket

with #lang sicp

. To get the image language add (#%require sicp-pict)

, so this example should work nicely:

#lang sicp
(#%require sicp-pict)

(paint-hires  (below (beside diagonal-shading
                             (rotate90 diagonal-shading))
                     (beside (rotate270 diagonal-shading)
                             (rotate180 diagonal-shading))))


This is the short version of the answer to Which lang package is suitable for SICP in Dr. Racket?



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