External CSS not working in Internet Explorer 11

I am doing some basic editing to change the font color using external css. When I open IE11 the font color does not work and it changes to normal black text color.

However, when I open Firefox in Firefox, the font color turns red, which is what I expected.

Has anyone faced a similar situation like me?

Here is my basic code in external css:

p.marking {
    /* color: #376092; */
    font: bold 24px "Arial", sans-serif;
    position:relative; z-index:1;


I changed the color blue to red for the font color. Only Firefox can be shown. IE 11 turns text to black by default.


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As we now know, this is due to the browser caching the site.

In short: Saves CSS / HTML pages so you don't need to fetch them again.

I recommend the same link as Patsy saying: PLEASE READ VIEW CASHE

So, to overcome this problem, we can tell the bowser to get the HTML / CSS again using:

Shift+ F5or CTRL+ F5.

What this page says:

A cache is a store of stored data that is used to speed up the data retrieval process. There are several types of caches, including web page caches, hardware caches, software caches, and memory caches. Caches are used to speed up the process so that data does not have to be recalculated or retrieved from its original location and therefore saves time. The more requests that can be made from the cache the faster the system performance becomes. Cache cache when the program checks the cache for previously stored information and finds it. A cache miss is when data is not found in the cache and the program must look at a larger and slower memory source. computers can have multiple caches: L1 cache is built into the computer of processor chips, L2 cache is built on the motherboard,and the L3 cache is the only L2 cache on a computer with two built-in caches in the microprocessor.

Internet browsers use caching to store the HTML of web pages by storing a copy of the pages visited and then using that copy to render when that page is visited again. If the page has the same day as the previously saved copy, then the computer uses the one on your hard drive, rather than rebooting it from the internet.



IE only supports 4095 css selectors per file. This is not a common occurrence, but maybe this is it?



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