How do I get an absolute path with proper character encoding in Java?

I would like to get the absolute path of the file so that I can use it further to find this file. I do it like this:

File file = new File(Swagger2MarkupConverterTest.class.getResource(
String tempPath = file.getAbsolutePath();
String path = tempPath.replace("\\", "\\\\");


The irl path looks like this:

C:\\Users\\Michał Szydłowski\\workspace2\\swagger2markup\\bin\\json\\swagger.json


However, since it contains Polish characters and spaces, I get from getAbsolutPath




How can I get it to do the right way? This is problematic because with that path it cannot find the file (says it doesn't exist).


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The call URL.getFile

you are using returns a portion of the URL file, encoded according to the URL encoding rules. You need to decode the string using URLDecoder

, before passing it in File


String path = Swagger2MarkupConverterTest.class.getResource(

path = URLDecoder.decode(filePath, "UTF-8");

File file = new File(path);




URI uri = new File(Swagger2MarkupConverterTest.class.getResource(
File f = new File(uri);


You can use URI

to encode your path and open File

on URI




You can just use

File file = new File("file_path");
String charset = "UTF-8";
BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(
                    new FileInputStream(file), charset));


enter the encoding while reading the file.



The simplest way that does not require decoding is as follows:

URL resource = YourClass.class.getResource("abc");
// or, equivalently:
new File(resource.toURI());


Now, it doesn't matter where the file is physically located in the classpath, it will be found as long as the resource is actually a file and not a JAR entry.



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