Getting * http.Request from context on AppEngine

I am using application engine and create a variable context.Context

( from *http.Request


    c := appengine.NewContext(r)


I am passing in a context and I am trying to find a way to get *http.Request

from context.Context

to register http.Request


I search the whole document but couldn't find any solution.


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returns a value of type appengine.Context

. This is not the same as the package type !Context

With a type value appengine.Context

, you cannot get *http.Request

what you used to create it. If you need to *http.Request

, you have to take care to pass this around you (you have this, since you use this to create context).

Note that appengine.Context

(which is an interface type) has a method Context.Request()

, but this is for internal use only, it is not exported for anyone to call it. And also returns interface{}

instead of *http.Request

. Even if it returns a containing value, *http.Request

you cannot rely on it as this method may be changed or removed in future versions.

Passing *http.Request

along with appengine.Context

is the best way. Trying to get it out of context is just "magic" and might break with a newer version of the SDK. If you want to simplify it, you can create a wrapper structure and pass that wrapper instead of two values, for example:

type Wrapper struct {
    C appengine.Context
    R *http.Request


And the helper function:

func CreateCtx(r *http.Request) Wrapper {
    return Wrapper{appengine.NewContext(r), r}




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