Python unit tests: type checking of a custom type

I write unit tests when I develop a program. I am using SQLAlchemy for database processes, so I have several functions like this:

def create_sqla_engine():
    """ Create and return the SQLA engine """
    mysql_uri = os.environ.get('MYSQL_CONNECTION_URI')
    engine = sqlalchemy.create_engine(mysql_uri)
    return engine


If I do print(type(engine))

, I see that the type<class 'sqlalchemy.engine.base.Engine'>

... so I want to test if this function works by checking the correctness of the type (assuming that the type will be None

if the call create_engine

fails ...)

This code is in


class TestDatabase(unittest.TestCase):

    def test_database_create_merkle_sqla_session(self):
        assert type(myprogram_database.create_sqla_engine()) is # ?


How can I check the type of a variable class



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You have several options here ... The simplest is to check that the returned object is not None




If you really want to check that the return type is an instance of something else, you can use assertIsInstance






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